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 "Specializing in                Puppies with Personality"
We Specialize in Puppies that are smaller then the average size, of the breed standard!  There is no actual size standards for the Teacup or Tiny Toy, breeders use these terms to describe a small puppy.  Most breeders agree that Poodles 4 pounds and under are considered Teacup, and 5 pounds to 6 pounds are considered Tiny Toy.  Shih-Poo sizes do range differently because the Shih-Tzu is a larger, heavier breed.  Most breeders agree that Shih-Poos 6 pounds and under are considered Teacup, and 7 pounds to 9 pounds are considered Tiny Toy.  There is no way to determine a puppy's adult size with 100% accuracy!  I will give you the best ESTIMATE of the adult weight possible based off of; Puppy Growth Charts, Genetics, and Previous Litters.  *Please follow your Puppy Food Feeding Guidelines, it is possible to over feed your puppy and make them overweight!*
Information About Our Puppies
Our puppies are raised in our home, which is the best environment for them in my opinion.  They have interaction with our family, including kids and other animals along with normal household actives on a daily basis.  I am a stay at home mom so the puppies are getting constant care.  I truly enjoy raising wonderful puppies for you to have a true life long companion. 
We only feed  High Quality Puppy Food! 
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We start our Grooming process at two weeks old, which consists of the first bath.  When you receive your puppy it will be well adjusted to nail trimming, brushing, bathing, blow drying, and clipping.  You will receive your puppy with a Puppy Cut.  Your groomer will definitely thank you for your well behaved baby!
Grooming Routines 
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Our Puppy’s Prices reflect the amount of care and attention given to them, you may find a
 puppy that cost little less but how much time and socialization was put into that puppy?  We are  not mass producing puppies, our females only have one litter a year.  Once you own a home raised puppy you can truly appreciate all the time we put into our puppies! 

Medical Information
Our puppies will come to you Up to Date on Vaccinations & Worming, along with all of their medical records.  They have had their Dew Claws removed as babies, & Fully Vet Checked.  All of our puppies will be given preventive care to ensure you are getting the healthiest puppy possible.  Our puppies also come to you with one month of Heart Worm Prevention, Flea & Tick Prevention, and Micro-Chipping is available too.  (Micro-Chipping is the best way to have your puppy returned to you just in case they happen to get lost.)  Every puppy comes with a One Year Written Health Guarantee!  *Veterinarian references are available upon request to our customers.*