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Teenie Tiny Teacups
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Purebreds and inbreeds often carry genetic disease.  Heterosis is a theory in which the phenomenon of crossing two inbred lines can produce descendants with superior genetic foundation.  In addition to the absence of inbreeding depressing, present in inbreed and purebred dogs in general, there is some remote inbreeding in any breed.  Heterosis is also produced by overdominance, i.e. better combined function of two diverse genes (alleles) on a gene site (locus), compared to two identical (but harmless) ones.  This increased health and vigor does not create a superior breed, but the advantages obtained from it are what produce hybrid vigor.  This goal in this scenario is not to create a new breed, but to create a happy and healthy pet. 

The heterosis effect results in a healthier, more vigorous dog with a reduced chance of genetic disease.  It is well known in all domestic animal breeding 50%-50% mixes of two different breeds will raise the chances of having fewer genetic diseases because all doubling of detrimental effects will stop in the first generation only. The genetic term for this is heterosis effect. This effect often gives non-related individuals stronger descendants than inbreeds. 

Breeders who breed these dogs have stated their goal was to get healthy and happy dogs without genetic problems.  Most breeders crossing with the poodle are looking for a soft, silky, non-shedding coat good for allergy sufferers. 

The purpose of crossing breeds is not and should never be to develop a new breed.  Once one goes beyond first-generation purebred to purebred, you lose the heterosis effect, which is the goal for most breeders.  The mother should always be the bigger of the two, to avoid puppies getting too big and complicating the delivery for the mother.  Heterosis is said to not only occur in the first generation, but also mating to a non-related mix of same (or other) type will also show this effect, though the aspect of the offspring will be different.  The hope is that the dogs will get the benefit of the greatly demanded heterosis effect, and avoid genetic diseases that are common among purebreds and inbreeds. 

Heterosis Effect 

The best information I can give someone looking to buy a new puppy is to research or ask a breeder if they  are breeding first generation puppies.  This is very important because first generation puppies will be much healthier and less likely to inherit genetic diseases that typically comes with over breeding.  This is why I only breed first generation puppies, to ensure you are getting the healthiest puppies possible.  Below is information about how genetics play an important role in your puppy's health! 
The Shihpoo is created by the crossing of two breeds: Shih Tzu and Poodle.  They are commonly referred to as "designer dogs" and are one of the most popular of the crosses.  The Shih-poo is sturdy, compact, and solid. 
The Shih-poo is loyal, loving, and affectionate as well as very smart, attentive, and playful .  They are recommended for homes with children.  They do well with dogs and non-canine pets they have been raised with. Shih-poo's are quick to alert their family to visitors and out of the ordinary sounds.  The Shih-poo is well suited for all types living, including apartments.  They are non-shedding and dander free which makes them a great pet for someone with allergies!  Shih-poo's are generally healthier dogs then their parent breed do to the mix from different gene pools (see below for more info). 
***I highly recommend a Shih-poo for families with children and other pets!***

About the Shih-Poo 

The Cavapoo is created by crossing of two breeds: King Cavalier and Toy Poodle. They are very intelligent and have the desire to please which makes them very easy to train. They are friendly with everyone, have a very laid-back personality, and are very gentle in nature. With their small compact bodies, round faces and long, floppy ears they appear puppy-like even into their adult years. They are well suited for homes with little or no yard as they do not possess an overabundance of energy where they will need a ton of exercise or space to run. However, as with all dogs, they still need the benefit of some exercise such as a short walk or play session to keep them healthy and fit. This dog is suited for just about anyone and will do well with either a single person or a family. Possessing a very laid-back personality and gentle nature makes them excellent with children. 
***I highly recommend a Cavapoo for families with children and other pets!***

About the Cavapoo 

*With all mix Breeds, it is possible to grow 2lbs larger then the estimated weight*

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